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Mahina Ray
image from video by Ryan Leinbach 2010/10/29

Number: 178
Name: Mahina Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~8'
Last Sighting: October 29, 2010
First Size: ~8'
First Sighting: October 29, 2010

Since baby Mahina's (Hawaiian for moon) birth in March 2009, Luke (a regular divemaster with the Kona Manta Rays) and Martina have been searching for a new female to name after her. Ryan (Leinbach) finally found her when Mahina was 19 months old and a full moon was out during the day.

Mahina Ray (Moon Ray) was first sighted during a daytime snorkel. She was approximately 8' wide and was not shy during the encounter and in fact entertained the snorkelers by breaching twice!