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Linda Ray
image from video by Keller Laros 2009/10/15
Number: 169
Name: Linda Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~6'
Last Sighting: December 16, 2010
First Size: ~4'
First Sighting: October 15, 2009
Linda Ray
Image by Jerry Kane 2010/12/16

Linda Ray was first seen during the day at Pawai Bay. She approached from the Kanamu mooring and had a long monofilament line attached to her (see photo) towing a small orange and white float. The line circled the left wing. The majority of the line was clipped off by Andy Woerner, but hook, float, and a short line remained. Linda Ray did not slow down for the event but kept heading west along the shore line. She is named after Linda Kuhr, who with her husband Mark, are wonderful Manta Pacific Research Foundation supporters.

In the more recent image at left, Jerry spotted Linda Ray at Keauhou where she appears to have healed from her original injuries.