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Chill Ray
Photo by Mike Ho 2009/10/11
Number: 166
Name: Chill Ray
Sex: Female
Current Size: ~18'
Last Sighting: Oct 11, 2009
First Size: ~18'
First Sighting: Oct 11, 2009
Chill RayBelieved to be a female, Chill appears to be approximately 18 ft across. She is pure black with spectacular serrated markings in white on her belly. No signs of any scratches or injuries, she is perfect. To quote Mike Ho, captain of Pirate Charters, “I’ve seen many pelagic rays, but this one is the most surreal!” Chill was first spotted on Sunday October 11, 2009 at approximately 11:15am. Mike was in the water with 4 other divers just outside Honokahou Harbor at about 60'-70' deep when Chill arrived and "hung out" with the divers, circling them gracefully for about 5 minutes before departing. Chill is named after a long time friend of Mike's, Craig Hill, who passed away a week before the sighting. He had a passion for diving and would have loved seeing such a magnificent creature. It is fitting that Chill is named in honor of C. Hill.