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image from video by Keller Laros 2008/09/22
Number: 153
Name: Sparrow
Sex: Female
Current Size: ?
Last Sighting: September 22, 2008
First Size: ?
First Sighting: September 22, 2008
Keller first noticed this young manta at Garden Eel Cove and when she showed up, she did a very strange "dance". Sparrow has a badly damaged right cephalic fin that is nearly half cut off. It didn't look like a new wound and seemed as healed as it would ever get. She never opened her mouth and never passed over the lights, but just did a sort of dance around the outside of the circle. It reminded Keller of Captain Jack Sparrow, the way she jolted and weaved about. Although he could get very close to her, she left after only 5 minutes.