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Photos by Grover Jeane
Number: 13
Name: Ruby Jeane
Sex: Female
Current Size: 12feet
Last Sighting: Jul 20, 2002
First Size: unknown
First Sighting: Apr 26, 1996
Ruby Jeane is a large female about 12' across and was first identified on April 26, 1996. Ruby Jeane's right wing is badly scarred on the rear edge and the tip is twisted and deformed as seen in the below left photo. During March and April 1997, we observed a remora living inside her mouth. She was named after the photographer's mother. Although Mrs. Ruby Jeane passed away in 1997, Ruby Jeane the manta ray continues to show up periodically at the Kona Surf site each year. Ruby Jeane was seen at "Ridges" in July of 2002.