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images by Cynthia Hankins 2007/06/09
Number: 116
Name: Sarah
Sex: Female
Current Size: 12'+
Last Sighting: June 9, 2007
First Size: 12'+
First Sighting: June 9, 2007
SarahCynthia first saw this beautiful female ray while diving at Golden Arches. "At the end of our second dive Saturday morning (12:00+/-), I went back to the drop off beyond the south golden arch mooring where there was a huge mass of the black durgeon. Tons of them all over the reef - maybe 200-300. I was trying to understand what they were up to - I looked over my shoulder and saw this beautiful ray headed from north to south. She came right over my head, stalled, circled back then back flipped and headed south again. She was about 12'+ and without notable scar or damage." Sarah is named after Cynthia's Mom.