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Hahalua Lana
Photo by Steve Sherwin - 2006/04/06
Number: 100
Name: Hahalua Lana
Sex: Female
Current Size: 15'-20'
Last Sighting: April 6, 06
First Size: 15'-20'
First Sighting: April 6, 06

Hahalua LanaSteve Sherwin sighted this beautiful pelagic manta while diving with Big Island Divers in April 2006. They were at approximately 60' while diving Suck'em Up when they spotted Hahalua Lana moving along the drop off. "The manta moved toward us and came within 15' of dive master Bob Welch of Big Island Divers. The manta was 15' to 20' foot and moved along in a figure 8 pattern making 3 passes by us before moving off into deeper seas. " Hahalua Lana is named after Steve's wife and dive partner, Lana.