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Photo by Keller Laros
Number: 10
Name: Spatter
Sex: Female
Current Size: 10feet(1992)
Last Sighting: 1996
First Size: {First Size}
First Sighting: 1992
Spatter is a large female about 10' across that was first identified in 1992 and was not seen again until 1996. She has a short tail and a rather abstract "spattered" spot pattern between her gills. One night in 1996, she ran into a dive boat's anchor line and became tangled. During her struggle, she lifted the anchor off the bottom and started to move the boat around much to the horror of the divers and captain. The dive guide quickly freed her, but this is an example of how strong manta rays are, as well as why divers should try to keep the manta ray dive a safe distance from the boats. She has been seen regularly since.